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What Is Niche Marketing? 

Niche Marketing is basically the process of filing down your target customer base to the most specific detail you can think about.

Niche Marketing = Babushka Marketing

I always refer to Niche Marketing to the dolls that have smaller dolls inside them best known in eastern European customs as "Babushka" dolls. Then my clients look at me like you are probably looking at your computer right now with that cringed up "what the hell" face.

But lets really step inside this comparison for a second.

The Babushka Doll keeps opening up to reveal another similar doll yet smaller and or slightly different. This small change represents another customer problem layer to peel away in your marketing efforts.

Babushka Marketing
Peel Those Layers! | Babushka Marketing
If you really want to effectively market to a hyper specific demographic you need to keep peeling away those layers or opening up that doll. 

If you sell makeup and you have to compete with L'Oreal and MAC who have billions of dollars to allocate to their marketing budgets and you only have thousands, well I'm not going to say it is going to be impossible to play on their level but it is going to be impossible to play on their level.

This is where Niche Marketing comes into play. The average makeup user is probably going to buy at a big brand department store and not take too many risks with the pallet right? 

So what if you decided to target women who live at the beach or other sun filled locations that are active outdoors and like to have a presence at events which means they would like to be a little bolder with styles and pallets but also need to use SPF for their continuous outdoor life. Maybe they want a tattoo cover up for when they are laying out and taking in some rays?

You could anchor your campaigns around custom blended makeup that you can add additional SPF to as well as matching foundations to skin tones that will be getting darker and or redder over the course of the summer. You might write press releases like " Makeup For Women Who Need A Little More Sun Protection" or something along those lines.

Bottom line is Babushka Marketing is all about finding your demographic and then finding the hyper targeted customer that you can problem solve for. If you have billions to market, go market to everyone (also give me a call) but if you want a starting point to build your client base up from becoming the go to source in your industry, Niche Marketing is for you and we can definitely help you out too.

Author: Bryan Fulton is the Founder and CEO of Bullet Point Branding a company designed to deliver creative content and social media strategy to small businesses that do not have the time or manpower to effectively connect to their clients and customers through Social Media in house.
Bullet Point Branding concentrates on giving your company an authentic social media presence and creating engagement throughout your niche!

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