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Twitter Fixed My McProblem | The Birth Of the McWipeOff

The Birth Of The McWipeOff
Bullet Point Branding | #McWipeoff

The Big McProblem! 

To Be Or Not To Be ... A Squeaky Wheel

OK so in all fairness I complained on Twitter about McDonald's because I know that they have a strong active monitoring presence there with the use of their @Reachout_McD account. 

The fact that they also already follow me gave me fast food street cred as well and it practically guaranteed at the very least a response to my tweet. 
Twitter Fixed My McProblem | The Birth Of the McWipeOff
Beads Of Nervous Soda Sweat
Living In Fear
Of The Repercussions | Bullet Point Branding

Which is how it all started out, my local McDonald's down the street giving me the very least, the very least explanation when I ask which sauces they have for their Chicken Nuggets™. 

The very least when practically demanding by largely lettered signage that I have my wallet out and cash slash credit or debit card out and ready to swipe in the 10 feet of curved driveway that exists between the speaker box and the first guard tower (drive-thru window).

And the very least in customer service when they hand me two large overflowing cups of soon to be sticky soda dribbling down the sides of the cups from the lids that are ever so carefully not attached correctly and pop off only to spill more sugary delight all over my cup holders when I manage to set them down.

The Last Very Least!

I guess you can call it the straw that broke the camels back but I just got tired of always having to look like a jerk because I ask the second guard tower worker (drive-thru window) to kindly wipe the sides of my cups before shoving them out the window to become ant magnets in my cars cup holders (google affiliate ad). I was tired of the kiss my ass looks I got from the friendly McTeam members when I had to ask them to provide me with decent customer service by thinking ahead and making sure the robot that made the drink didn't provide any overage down the sides of my beverage container! 

And I was tired of being honked at not by amazingly beautiful soccer moms that can't get enough of my golden locks in the drop off lane at my kids elementary school but rather from the pissed off rednecks revving the Chevy Silverado 2500 Dully fully equipped with a power-stroke engine a 12 inch lift kit, 35 inch mudgrappler tires and one of those outlawed dog ball bag tow bar charms. All because they thought I was making trouble and holding up the line during dinner rush,god forbid I ask for a cup to be dry on the outside and full of liquid on the inside like the Eco friendly Styrofoam manufactures intended!

So I tweeted!

Twitter Fixed My McProblem | The Birth Of the McWipeOff
Original Tweet That Started The Boom | Bullet Point Branding
When I got home from my McVoyage last night I consumed the 1500 calories that did not manage to spill all over the floor of my Mini Cooper then went right for justice. 

That's right I tweeted a smart ass comment directly to the McCommunity Manager and then I waited, I waited for the bloating to subside, I waited my blood pressure to stabilize and I waited for a response. 

Naturally I feel asleep waiting because of the carbohydrate crazed coma that had set in from what I believe in scientific terms is called the "Grimus Effect" sooooo....

Help Us Help You

Twitter Fixed My McProblem | The Birth Of the McWipeOff
Actual Email To McDonald's | Bullet Point Branding
When I woke I had a notification on my Hootsuite Account (shout out!) it said blah blah thanks for your concerns blah blah I am a standard auto response to disgruntled McCustomers but if you really care go to this link and complain a little more. 

I was more than disappointed at an auto response, no response at all would have been a better avenue. You bet your sweet ass I did. 

Here is a copy of the email I sent, it was the total opposite of a Sour Patch Kid™ first I was sweet, then I was sour!

Should I Wait Some More | Aint Nobody Got Time For That!

Figuring I did my part as a concerned McCitizen of Fast Food Nation, I went about my normal daily routine longing to forget the slippery hands that turned sappy from the sloppy cola mixture I was forced to grab hold of when all of a sudden my phone rang! It was none other than the Guest Services Manager from my local McDonald's WHAT? Carrie was her name and fixing my McProblem was her game! 

She explained to me that she was informed through an email sent from corporate headquarters that I was unhappy about the fact that I was continuously given cups that put me at risk of riding dirty and that she personally penned a memo to be read by team members pre shift about the importance of keeping me sticky free in the 2000 One and Three and that she would be holding the drive-thru team personally accountable for making sure each cup is given the McWipeOff before departing on the long road to Satisfied Customerville USA!

My McFaith Has Been Re Instated!

Twitter Fixed My McProblem | The Birth Of the McWipeOff
McDonald's Gets It Right | Bullet Point Branding
To quote Baby's Father in Dirty Dancing the late great Jerry Orbach "When I'm Wrong, I say I'm Wrong". I had to tweet again to let my followers know that with the great power of Social Media Complaining comes the greater power of Social Media Acknowledgement! 

The McEstablishment had restored my faith in business ethics and customer service. My concerns had gone from unnoticed poor procedures to sending a complaint on Twitter to getting a call from my local restaurant telling me they are on it all in less than 24 hours! 

Final Thoughts
So in closing  I say thanks McDonald's, not for making salty food so easy to consume in 8 bites while driving a stick shift in the rain or for ensuring that hundreds of former circus clowns will always have work at Ronald McDonald Foundation meet and greets all across America, but for being one of the best Social Media Monitoring, Customer Service Giving, McProblem Solving Masters in the game right now! 

Thats right ... I'm Still Loving It!

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