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What is ROI? | How Do I Calculate ROI? | Bullet Point Branding

How do I calculate ROI?
What is ROI? | How do I calculate ROI? | BpB

ROI Means Return On Investment. 

How do I calculate ROI?
When dealing with any marketing you are going to need to know the end result of your efforts.

At the end of the day the big guy in the corner office is going to want a number that indicates how much profit or loss is issued for every dollar spent on a particular campaign.

In this video we will break down exactly what you will need in order to calculate that number and make everyone happy!

Return On Investment.

Here is a great screen shot of a page in the ebook that I learned this formula from. the folks over at Radian6 are pretty savvy, I would highly recommend signing up for their amazing content!

ROI Formula
ROI Formula | Page from Radian6 e-book

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