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What Does A Digital Marketer Do? | Bullet Point Branding

What Does A Digital Marketer Do?
What Does A Digital Marketer Do? | BpB

What Does A Digital Marketer Do?

This seems to be a question I get all the time from people that do not really understand what digital marketers do. My clients know for sure because they reap the benefits of my services everyday. The best way to describe the seemingly unending list of tasks that digital marketers do would be to just list what I do for my clients each day in a series of blog posts.

Digital Marketing:

Digital marketing (also known as data-driven marketing) is an umbrella term for the marketing of products or services using digital technologies, mainly on the Internet, but also including mobile phones, display advertising, and any other digital medium. 

Do digital marketers just chat online all day?

Bullet Point Branding | Online Messaging
Bullet Point Branding | Online Messaging
In the first hour of work I usually go through 2-3 20 to 30 minute Facetime or Skype calls with any client that needs a little clarity on our direction or if they have a big project in the works we usually chat daily.

One of my clients requires a daily talk that usually sets the tone for what they want to accomplish with the day's schedule. That client is very hands on and involved in every step, not all clients want that level of intimacy with the breakdowns.

Once I have a general outline for any new ideas or directions that my clients want to go I begin the planning/scheduling/posting of the daily Social Media activity. This almost always varies and can be hyper-focused on in another blog post at at later date but for now I'll write about what my current clients require.

So Me Re Ma

Bullet Point Branding | Social Media Marketing
Bullet Point Branding | Social Media Marketing
That is the shorthand reminder that I have on the top of all my todo lists. It stands for Social Media & Relationship Management. When I schedule filler content that is relevant to whatever industry a client is in I use Buffer, and these posts are always relevant to what my client's fans or customers want to see or read but these are generally not customized or personalized. 

The content that is not considered filler and would be more along the lines of customized would be inside the company culture pictures or videos. Funny meme's made to entertain a specific group of followers are a custom creation. Anything specifically speaking to the end user from the client would have a personalized feel and therefore would require a bit more creating and planning, it might make it into the Buffer content feed if it was produced early enough to be scheduled but if not it would be posted in real time.

Then there is blogging. Digital Marketers seem to have to blog all the time (at this current moment I am actually blogging about blogging, ugh). Blogs have tremendous power as far as SEO goes, once Google starts indexing your content the sky is the limit, well as long as it is optimized that is. Optimizing content is paying attention to all the ways that content is going to be found and or used and then maximizing the possibility of that actually happening.

Is That All?

Bullet Point Branding | Email Marketing
Bullet Point Branding | Email Marketing
Of course that is not all that a Digital Marketer does all day, they are also the primary force behind your online strategy. How are your relevant digital marketing tactics going to attract new quality customers or fans to your online presence and ultimately take action? 

Well Digital Marketers know how to develop a plan to carry users from point A to point B all the while associating your brand and your content with value and so that your customers stay engaged and ready to pull the trigger on whatever you have lead them to.

Stay tuned for Part Two of this blog post where we dive into the process of automation and going from cold ad to multiple buyer all through the help of advertising and email funnels!

Chime in below with your thoughts and tips, but keep it classy.

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