Friday, March 9, 2012

To Post Attended or UnAttended? That is the question. | Bullet Point Branding

To Post Attended or UnAttended? | Bullet Point Branding
To Post Attended or UnAttended?

Should You Post UnAttended?

How do you measure your ROI (Return On Investment) in social media? Is it the number of followers you have on Twitter? Is it the number of Facebook friends that like your page because you ask them too?

Social Media is changing the way that everyone does business that's nothing new but what does it really mean to someone when you connect with them on a site? It means they value what you have to offer, they value your brand, and they value your opinion. So many companies are doing too little or too much when it comes to a Social Media presence and it is quite frankly getting lost in the masses.

If I blast an UnAttended tweet or post to all my followers and friends about my latest product or service and then do not have someone to reply and field any questions customers may have, what is the point of engagement at all? Or if I only post one day a week because that's all the time I have to do it am I really using Social Media as a marketing tool? Are my customers really getting my message?

The truth is being present and being authentic are two of the most powerful tools in any company or brand's Social Media arsenal. Having a voice to discuss and engage you target audience and community makes people feel special, (especially if you are a huge company or a popular brand) it gives them a connection with you on a more intimate level which allows your sales funnel to function better because they feel they are getting tremendous value! Everyone knows someone that is on cloud nine because a big brand or celebrity has retweeted or replyed to them, that is awesome word of mouth marketing working for you.

So use Social Media to connect make it social and keep it simple. Be present and available to discuss your value immediately and reap the rewards for a long time to come.

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