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Why is my Facebook app so slow? | Bullet Point Branding

Why is my Facebook app so slow?
Mobile FB App | Bpb

Why is my Facebook app so slow?

Could Mobile Facebook App Jeopardize the Whole Company?

Everyone loves Facebook I get it (okay maybe I shouldn't say everyone but at least 800+ million of us do anyway). What I don't get is this, in a web 2.0 age of lightning fast service and devices how come it still takes forever to open, load and then update my profile or news feed on the official Facebook Mobile App for my iPhone (Shout Out)?

Do you think that a user should have to remove all the other applications running or delete and reinstall the app just to shave off a few seconds of the eternity it takes to be ready for use? I wonder how many status updates out there sound like this: "Well I had something cool to share but I forgot what it was now." How much information have we lost due to this slowness disease?

Consumers may or may not leave the social network giant all together because the app runs slow but is it not worth it for Facebook to at least make sure they stay atop the food chain with amazing products that run like a well oiled machine?

I'm not being overly dramatic and saying I am never using Facebook again but I would love to be able to open the app and have it run with in a second or two just like all my others. Should I give them some slack because the network is so big that it might take a extra time to open due to all the members, or does that have nothing to do with it?

I would love to hear from others who have my concerns please let me know!

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