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5 Tips On How To Write Great Facebook Posts | Bullet Point Branding

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Great Facebook Posts

The best Facebook posts are usually measured by vanity. For people to think the Facebook post is great they look at the numbers for the following: Likes, Shares, & Views.These are not the only factors that go into a great Facebook post but lets start with them and see how you can actually achieve some truly great engagement.

5 Tips On How To Write Great Facebook Posts:

-Tip 1- Provide valuable info. 

People engage alot more with posts that have information they find valuable so give great content.

-Tip 2- Provide a link. 

Facebook has amazing power as a lead generator but you have to give your audience a place to go so you can harvest their info or continue the conversation.

-Tip 3- Use a photo. 

Facebook posts that use a photo have the highest engagements. I recommend using Canva.com they have amazing templates and its all plug and play. If you opt to do use something else just remember the best size for a Facebook post photo is 800 x 600 pixels.

-Tip 4- Engage with your community. 

If you are going to post then you have to continue to monitor and interact with your audience. Businesses that interact with their customers on Social Media usually see customers spending 20-40% more with them.

-Tip 5- Think mobile. 

It is no secret that mobile is forging stronger into the future everyday. 78% of all Facebook usage in the US is from mobile. You have start optimizing your posts for the mobile platform.

Your fans, customers and or clients want your valuable information. Remember these 5 tips and your Facebook posts will be getting lots of great engagement. Social media is a conversation so treat it like a friendship and watch your business grow!

Author: Bryan Fulton is the Founder and CEO of Bullet Point Branding a company designed to deliver creative content and social media strategy to small businesses that do not have the time or manpower to effectively connect to their clients and customers through Social Media in house. 

Bullet Point Branding concentrates on giving your company an authentic social media presence and creating engagement throughout your niche! 

To see what Bullet Point Branding can do for your business email them at: info@BulletPointBranding.com


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