Monday, August 10, 2015

Instagram Gets Ads | Bullet Point Branding

Instagram Gets Ads

Not since the news of Instagram getting video has there been so much buzz around the photo themed Social Media juggernaut.

Reps from Instagram recently told the Social Examiner:

Instagram ads will be available to advertisers of all types later this year. We are currently testing self-serve buying interfaces and APIs with a small group of partners, and we expect to make them more widely available over the coming months.

In an article recently published by

Before, buying Instagram ads was an exceptional case in the media plan that required contacting an Instagram sales representative directly. That meant Instagram advertising was mostly limited to those willing to make big investments in both budget and time. Starting soon all advertisers can plan Instagram campaigns alongside their other digital ads and cross-promote, plan, and monitor their Instagram marketing activity — including photos that aren't paid-for ads — across other social networks, all in a self-serve fashion, using third-party platforms.

Last week Adweek reported the following-

The Instagram Ads API Partner program launched Tuesday, with launch partners including:

Ampush, Brand Networks, 4C, Kenshoo, Nanigans, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, SocialCode, & Unified

We can not wait until later this year when we can start running ads on Instagram for our social media and PPC clients. Our clients are going to be able to now capitalize on a much broader and different (read mostly younger) demographic. 

We can only hope that the sponsored ads for Instagram are as effective as its parent company Facebook's advertising platform. Awesome Facebook-esq tools like the power editor would be a welcome gift for digital marketers everywhere.

Ready or not Instagram ads are coming, if your company would like to capitalize on Instagram ads and/or other types of social media advertising give Bullet Point Branding a shout today! We'll do them for you and/or with you.

Author: Bryan Fulton is the Founder and CEO of Bullet Point Branding a company designed to deliver creative content and social media strategy to small businesses that do not have the time or manpower to effectively connect to their clients and customers through Social Media in house. 

Bullet Point Branding concentrates on giving your company an authentic social media presence and creating engagement throughout your niche! 

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