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10 Types Of Social Media Posts You Can Start Using Right NOW! | Bullet Point Branding

10 Types Of Social Media Posts You Can Start Using Right NOW! | Bullet Point Branding
10 Types Of Social Media Posts You Can Start Using Right NOW! | Bullet Point Branding

10 types of social media posts you can start using right now!

When it comes to social media marketing everybody has a different technique every agency offers different tips but the most important part of social media marketing is making sure your content delivers value and that it is relevant. 

10 types of social media posts will only cover about a week and a half for you so look for a link at the bottom of this blog post to download "31 Types of Social Media Posts That You Can Start Using Right Now" which will help you schedule and plan tons of content for your social media posts or for all of your clients social media posts.

To get us started you will find 10 types of social media posts you can start using right now:

Inspirational image quote | Bullet Point Branding
1. Inspirational image quote

So much of the viral and shareable content on social media these days happens in the form of an image or a high quality graphic. 

Using an inspirational image and an awesome quote is a great way to reach users and increase the chance of your content being shared.

2. Personal image (you / your product)

If you are managing a campaign on social media for a client or even yourself the people you are trying to reach are going to feel more comfortable interacting, buying, and sharing your ideas and products if there's a face behind the brand. 

It is smart marketing to add a personal touch and get your prospects used to seeing your image. 

3. Promote your website

Promoting your website or whatever link that you want to drive people to is great for a daily social media post. It might reach people that are otherwise would not be finding your site through other search methods.

4. Freebie (download / printable)

Freebies whether it's a download of a list of ideas to help you with your social media posts, or a printable infographic that is industry specific are all good lead magnets. 

Lead generation and social media go hand in hand one maximizes the benefits of the other and vice versa. 

5. Short video

Video is being uploaded at alarming rates. It is driving engagement and promoting brand awareness and dramatically increasing the chance of developing relationships with future clients and prospects. 

6. Share a valuable tip

You are the expert in your niche or in your industry people are coming to your posts for valuable information when you share a tip with them they are more likely to come back when they are ready to buy or have more questions. 

Sharing a tip increases the authenticity of your brand and positions you as an industry leader.

7. Long post (story / article or blog post)

Long stories and posts whether it's an article, an eBook, a white paper, or a blog post offer tremendous value. They give more substance to users looking for a little more in depth knowledge of whatever industry you might be in. 

Cross-platform marketing your blog for instance also helps and is awesome for organic SEO.

8. Answer a FAQ

Every company should be keeping a list of frequently asked questions. Every time somebody calls your customer service line and asks how to do this or where can I find that, are all chances to add tons of value to your brand by setting up pieces of content that specifically answer these frequently asked questions.

9. Ask a question

Also realize that social media has the keyword social in it. Social people ask and answer questions. Social people want engagement and interaction. 


When you ask a question you are setting yourself up to engage with your users, clients, and prospects. 

Interaction will separate you from your competition.

10. Behind the scenes

Everybody is always curious about the man behind the curtain. Give your community and your tribes a look behind the scenes so they know what it's really like to work with you. 

Give me more!

No one is ever satisfied with only 10 of something. Below is a link to download the full list of "31 Social Media Posts That You Can Start Using Right Now" follow the link over to our website enter your email and click the link in the welcome post to download the PDF. 

We hope that this list has sparked some creativity inside of you and that you chime in with your own ideas for awesome social media posts. Comment below if you want to contribute.

Author: Bryan Fulton is the Founder and CEO of Bullet Point Branding a company designed to deliver creative content and social media strategy to small businesses that do not have the time or manpower to effectively connect to their clients and customers through Social Media in house. 

Bullet Point Branding concentrates on giving your company an authentic social media presence and creating engagement throughout your niche! 

To see what Bullet Point Branding can do for your business visit / email them at: |


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