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6 Quick Tips To Jump Start Your Brand's Social Media Campaign | Bullet Point Branding

6 Tips To Jump Start Your Brand's Social Media Campaign | Bullet Point Branding
6 Tips To Jump Start Your Brand's Social Media Campaign

6 Tips To Jump Start Your Brand's Social Media Campaign

Whether you are an in-house Social Media Manager for your company or a Social Media Solutions Consultant freelancing out to multiple companies, one thing remains the same ... you have to have a strategy for your social media campaign!

Everybody has different opinions on where to start and how to approach the Social Media Campaign and that is fine it does not matter where or how you start. What matters is that you start ... NOW!

So here are Bullet Point Branding Group's basic Social Media Campaign steps there are 6 of them. They are listed in the chronological order the way we perform them.

1. Assess what has been done already.
  • Does the company have social media accounts in place? Are they set up to convey a uniform brand awareness approach? Are they on the right social media sites (the one's that there target audience are on)?

2. Take a peek at what the competition is doing.
  • Research what social media sites the competition are on or not on. Monitor the industry specific keywords ( use sites like Hootsuite or Radian6 ) along with the competition's name and see if there are complaints or compliments. See how you can do things better and more authentic.

3. Set goals.
  • Some of you might be thinking that this should be step #1 and that is fine if you want to do it first this is not the Social Media Campaign Bible (we do our homework first). When ever you do this step make sure the goals are specific and clear. 

  • Do you just want better brand awareness? Do you want to increase customer acquisition? Do you want to engage your community and increase customer retention? Do you want more e-commerce transactions? The list goes on and on just be specific and clear.

4. Develop creative, engaging content to be distributed through the correct social media platforms.
  • Ex. if your company is a resort destination and no one is monitoring Trip Advisor that is a problem! Make sure your promoting through cross platform marketing as well to help solidify your presence on your social media channels.

5. Execute the strategy and make sure you are constantly tweaking and adjusting your material.
  • Use crowd sourcing techniques to see what your audience and customers are saying, what they care about and what they do not care care about.

6. Monitor and report on your ROI (Return On Investment).
  • The sites mentioned above (  Hootsuite or Radian6 ) make life so much easier. Create reports and spreadsheets to help you stay organized and informed.

Just remember a Social Media Campaign is a constant work in progress. Techniques change when new productivity applications are updated. When technology evolves and makes monitoring easier you have to adapt and go along for the ride. It doe not matter how you start but start NOW! 

Keep learning through all of the new eBooks and video tutorials available and you will keep your company's brand light years ahead of the competition! If you have any other steps or comments/questions I would love to hear them.

Author: Bryan Fulton is the Founder and CEO of Bullet Point Branding a company designed to deliver creative content and social media strategy to small businesses that do not have the time or manpower to effectively connect to their clients and customers through Social Media in house. 

Bullet Point Branding concentrates on giving your company an authentic social media presence and creating engagement throughout your niche! 

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  1. Bryan,

    Excellent post & great idea to share the steps toward jump starting your social media campaign. You're right social media is a constant work in progress. Thanks for including us in your article!

    All the best,
    Trish | Community Manager, @Radian6

  2. Hey Trish thanks for the comment. I think the #1 take away from any of this is start doing it now! You can always tweak it along the way.

    Bullet Point Branding


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