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How To Think Like A Global Brand | Bullet Point Branding

How To Think Like A Global Brand | Bullet Point Branding
How To Think Like A Global Brand

How To Think Like A Global Brand

They say that if you go to pretty much any Non-English speaking country they are going to know at least these two words in English:
  • No 
  • Coke
Let's break that down for a moment the word No is a pretty simple word and I think the ease of a head shake along with a two letter word (more like just a sound) can be performed by any old circus monkey so knowledge of that word is not all that impressive. But the word Coke and the recognition of soda as a Coke and not vice-versa is unbelievable.

Social Proof

I have been to four different continents and about 20+ countries and I can vouch for this fact first hand. When in doubt just ask for a Coke. I think that the folks over there at Coca Cola understand a thing or two about Branding. They put in the man hours doing their research and development and have the best marketing and PR people on the planet working for them.

The Video

Here is an awesome video example of how Coca Cola engages a younger demographic and ensures their brand awareness and product survival for years to come.


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